Uppsala University


How are different values—such as economic, ethical, or scientific valus—balanced in practice? My research on values studies how values are made in practice, for example in the biosciences or in disease surveillance.

In the project Trials of Value me and two colleagues have developed a new approach to studying values in society that we have called Valuography. I am associate editor of the peer reviewed journal Valuation Studies.


How do algorithms and “big data” reshape knowledge production? My research on algorithms asks how new information technologies are changing how knowledge production is changing due to increasing computater power.

At the moment I am studying how new technologies are reshaping disease surveillance in the project The Rise of Infodemiology. I have founded a network for the social study of algorithms: The Algorithm Studies Network.


Infrastructures is a long-standing research interest, where I ask how infrastructures reshape the world and how we perceive it? Here I examine how different technologies are intertwined with the making of society and culture.

I have studied how infrastructures shape society in for example epi­demiology, bio­science, and education. Currently I am studying how congenital malformations are classified in the project Standardizing Abnormality.

» Writing on valuations.

» Writing on algorithms.

» Writing on infrastructures.